Why My Cat Is So Special
The cast of characters, or should we say these cats have character?
How comfortable can I get?

Did you say "Cat chow"?

Keep away from my water dish!

My cat IQ is off the charts

I am so cool!
Tippy Toes - Email me for tips on keeping us happy and healthy (not always an easy task).
* Mittens - It can get real cold in the winter, and hot in the summer. Please give us good shelter.
* Polly - Getting along with other cats is my specialty. We can all have a peaceful existence if we try.
* Tony - I like to dabble with food. OK so I like to dabble in food too. Anyway, I know what's good to eat.
* Spike - I've been around the block a few times, if you know what I mean. I know all about partnering, and of course, all those little kittens need care.
* The ten best things about cats - "This is my favorite page, but only 10?" - Polly
* Cat Jokes - "Don't laugh too hard. I don't care for some of these." - Mittens
* Little know facts about cats - "Read all you want, but you'll never dig up all the dirt on me." - Spike
* New cat owners, start here and avoid some common mistakes - "Yes, please learn how to care for us." - Tony
* Why pick a cat instead of a dog? - "It's obvious of course, but we all like to hear it again and again" - Tippy Toes
* Cat toys - What to get. - "I'm a real player when it comes to this" - Polly
* Name a star after your cat. - "What better way to remember us for an eternity?" - Mittens

Some excerpts (ca-twitterings) from a Cat's Diary
Don't worry We're sure your cat is not thinking this way - Day 752

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We don't mean to say that just our cats are special
This site is called "Why my cat is so special", but we're not just talking about our cats.
The word "special" is synonymous with cats. Each has his or her own unique personality, and with no two alike, we know yours are also special. If you like, please send us an e-mail telling us about your cat. You might just see it posted in our "Special Cats" section.
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