Why My Cat Is So Special
Cat toys - What to get?

Cats like to play, and you should encourage that, because just as with humans, exercise will help keep your cat's body healthy and strong. They enjoy playing at learning to fight and attack prey and it helps with their coordination and balance.
Playing will allow your cat to learn how to properly interact with humans and other cats, and it will certainly stimulate their intellectual growth. Expensive toys are fun, but not always necessary. Think, how many pets would be amused by a half crumpled paper bag drawn slowly across the floor by a piece of string?

Some suggestions

Fuzzy mouses
Feather type toys
Handheld wand toys
Hanging toys that can stick to a door or table, or hang from doorways
Battery-operated toys that move erratically on their own
Cat towers to climb on and jump on
Catnip filled toys
Cardboard boxes to climb in
Toys that stand in place and have moveable objects that cats can bap at
Homemade toys like paper balls, paper bags, string and shoelace drawn objects

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